11 Baby Grooming Essentials You Never Want To Miss


Babies are great naturally. Baby grooming essentials can make things look good for you. Babies are god’s gift and they are the best thing that can ever happen to you. In case you want to groom your baby, there are few basic items which you should never miss out of baby grooming essentials kit.

baby grooming essentials

Your Baby Is God’s Gift To You

But before we tell you all baby grooming essentials please note, on changing table all the items should be high enough to prevent your baby to grab. And it should be low enough for you to pick up easily. Read: How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin In Winters

Baby Grooming Essentials

  1. Baby Soap/ Gel/ Foam. Take the most gentle formula available on the shelf in super market. Take help of the salesmen/women.
  2. Baby Shampoo. No tears baby shampoo should always be your choice. Spend some time in baby section if you don’t easily get it but never compromise on this.
  3. Baby Oil. Almost all the baby oils available in market are more or less same, but try comparing them and pick one which helps baby relax after baby massage.
  4. Baby Powder. Babies don’t really need a powder (may be little bit in warm season). Even if you decide to use it for your baby, do not take talcum based powder. Take corn flour based baby powder instead. You may be required to do some research on this.
  5. Always keep an ointment for nappy rashes. Ask your doctor which ointment is the best for your baby.
  6. Petroleum Jelly. Keep a petroleum jelly with you always.
  7. Baby Wipes. Baby wipes have number of uses if you have a baby with you. Every now and then you need a baby wipe to clean you baby, wipe rashes, clean your hands and what not!
  8. Cotton Wool Balls. But sterile cotton wool balls. These are very useful if you want to clean baby eyes and nappy rashes.
  9. Nail Clipper. There are special baby nail clippers available in market. Do not use your nail clipper as it is not safe to use it on baby.
  10. Baby Brush. We suggest you to use hair brush instead of a comb. Even if you like to use a comb on baby hairs, choose the one with wide tooth.
  11. Nappy Pins. Nappy pins are essentials. Metal head pins are better than plastic ones because plastic heads and crack and break.

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