18 Baby Medicines You Should Always Keep With You


Baby medicines are something which you should never wait to buy when you need them to give to your baby. And there are many reasons behind it. First of all, it takes time to go to the medical store and buy baby medicines. No guarantee your medical store will have it in stock! A medicine given at right time will control the situation and you cannot disagree to this.

Baby Medicines

Baby Medicines You Should Always Keep At Home

Secondly, 99% of time you will need baby medicines at middle of the night. Or maybe when weather is bad to step outside. We can go on to list reasons for keeping baby medicines at home all the times but you already seem to agree.

IMPORTANT: We are listing baby medicines here but you should always consult your doctor / pediatrician well before you buy any of these. Buy and give medicines to your baby only with doctor’s prescription. No Self Medication.

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Baby Medicines

  1. Liquid Aspirin
  2. Ointment. Keep antiseptic ointment for nappy rashes and other small scratches.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide. Keep it in spray form to help you clean injuries. It numbs the affects area.
  4. Calamine Lotion. Keep it for mosquito bites. It reduces itchiness.
  5. Rehydration Fluids. For immediate treatment in diarrhoea.
  6. Sun Screen. Baby skin is soft. Buy sunscreen which is made for baby specially.
  7. Rubbing Alcohol. For cleaning thermometer.
  8. Dropper. For liquid doses of medicines.
  9. Bandages. Keep bandages at home for small cut here and there on body.
  10. Adhesive Medical Tapes. To fix bandages.
  11. Tweezers. To pull out splinters.
  12. Nasal aspirators. Something you can clean stuffy nose with. Learn how to use it well before the time you are required to use it.
  13. Ear Syringe. To remove ear wax or any alien object in ear.
  14. Humidifier. Baby skin becomes dry in winter. Buy humidifier made for babies.
  15. Thermometer. Keep a digital thermometer always with you.
  16. Small Torch. You will need this to check baby throat and eyes frequently.
  17. Tongue Depressor. To check baby throat.
  18. Hot Water Bottle. Helps in case of upset tummy and muscle pain.



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