5 Ways To Stop Burnout At Work In Your Team Members


Businesses work in highly competitive environment. Burnout at work is very common at offices. If you have a team to handle and your performance largely depends on your team’s performance, then it becomes important for you to stop burnout at work in your team members. We give you 5 ways you can stop burnout in your team.

burnout at work

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Demonstrate Empathy

Empathy is putting yourself in to another’s shoes. Communication is the first building block of creating empathy between you and your team members. If your team members have faith in you and believe that you care for them, then all problems become easy to tackle. It gives them a will to solve issues before it reached your table.

Promote Efficiency

As a senior manager, it is in your personal favour too to promote efficiency at work. You need to sit with your team members individually and understand how they finish a particular task. Having greater experience of work, you should discuss and come up with more efficient way of finishing same task in less time and with less efforts.

Lead By Example

To stop burnout at work in your team, you should first protect yourself from burnout at work. Show your team a good work life balance. Party occasionally and share details with your team members during chit chats. If possible, show them pictures of your family get together or picnic.

Create Challenges

Challenges are great way to keep employees motivated. This gives them a boost to work hard and achieve daily goals. Just make sure your throw specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound challenges to them.

Applaud Success

Recognizing hard work and its achievement can not be missed. What is the point of asking your team to achieve great goals if you do not wish to celebrate success? Appreciation gives them a sense to satisfaction. Few kind words go deep down the heart and evolve as force to achieve more.

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