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Are you someone who likes a neat and clean house but can’t stop baby to make a mess? Let me tell you one thing that a messy house is kids’ paradise. Your clean and under control house is a challenge to your kids. When a child grows above 6 months, he needs to exercise his muscles by roaming around and trying to pick and pull things in your house.

Taking care of safety, you should let your baby roam around your house. Messy house which is taking away peace of your mind, is very important for your baby. You as a parent need to accept this. If you try to keep your house as neat and clean as it was before baby, you will have to struggle a lot. It is like you are not ready to let go a phase of your life. With baby, life changes and so does you house.

So the solution is to accept the reality. Babies will make a mess and you need to clean it. However, there are some steps which you can take to avoid frustration and disappointment.

Make Your Home Baby Safe

Spend as much time and money on baby safety as you can. Your biggest worry is your baby’s safety. Messy house stands nowhere in front of it. You do not want your baby to get hurt while roaming around. So install CCTV cameras, cover edges and electricity points, hide chemicals and sharp edges objects and everything else you can. It is really worth it. Read this if you are worried about your baby’s security at hospital.

Limit The Chaos

You can’t stop your baby to spread the mess but you can surely decide the area. It is a nice idea to allow baby to do whatever he wants to do within a specific room.

Don’t Follow Your Baby

You will create a lot of stress for yourself if you try to follow your baby everywhere in your house putting everything back in shelf. This will frustrate him and you both.

Let The Baby Enjoy

Your baby really enjoys making mess around house. You need to let him enjoy. Let him make a mess. Just observe him and you will enjoy it too.

Don’t Join The Mess

Joining baby in mess will not help you. Also it not safe for baby to be in mess all the time. Let him do whatever he wants to do. Clean it later for a fresh challenge next morning.

Keep Your House In Order

Let’s accept the reality. After all the mess, you have to clean everything. You may not able to keep everything in place but try to make a place which doesn’t disturb compulsive side.

Play Safe

Anything which can cause an injury to you or baby, clean it immediately. Any fluid or juice spilt must be clean without delay. Toys shouldn’t be there around staircases. Just make sure nobody gets hurt.

If you are worried about protecting your baby’s skin in winter then you should read this. We are sure this will help you a lot.

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