7 Questions On Demonetization Kejriwal Should Answer Immediately


Well, I really wanted to write this. Ya ya it is again a demonetization post.

We all have been hearing views, reviews and criticism from left, right and center (pun intended).

I must tell you, I am not a bhakt (ya all of them say it) and in the past elections I never voted for any one neither Narendra Modi nor Arvind Kejriwal because I used to think that every politician is the same and to an extent I still have that mind-set may be because of some rotten people in the system.

What I am unable to understand is  –

  1. 1.2 billion People in India consisting of 29 states and 7 union territories.
  2. BJP has 9 states with their party’s chief ministers.
  3. Other 19 states have ministers from other parties.
  4. Delhi is where AAP is ruling with Arvind Kejriwal as chief minister.

Now, if we take into consideration, ruling parties in states who have issues with demonetization are Mamata Banerjee (Current ruling chief minister – West Bengal) and Arvind Kejriwal (ruling chief minister Aam Aadmi Party). Although, it has been opposed by number of people in the opposition which are not accounted for as the word opposition has some meaning (pun intended).

Now, out of 19 states with ruling govt. (of the opposition) only 2 have objections raised and other 17 states are sitting without any reviews or criticism.

The questions raised here are –

  1. Why only these two and moreover, why most of the noise can be heard from Delhi chief minister?
  2. Is he out of his mind or is the other ruling parties who are not speaking have lost their minds?
  3. Did he ever realised the inconvenience caused to people during odd/even scheme? (May be you didn’t because the central govt. never supported you).
  4. I mean, this man call a press conference every now and then just to oppose the what Narendra Modi has done. Why?
  5. Arvind Kejriwal uses social media channels every now and then to tell people what Narendra Modi has done wrong this morning, afternoon, evening, night and midnight. Why?
  6. Wherever Kejriwal goes, he just has one name to blame everything i.e. Narendra Modi. Why?
  7. Above all, you have all the time and guts in the world to oppose PM but you do not have time to look after and perform your duties for your capital. Maybe, you don’t have support from central govt. right?

Well, if someone has the guts to change the system it is better trust his guts and intentions rather than opposing him every now and then. I support demonetization.

Arvind Kejriwal, you are a national joke for our country.

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