Everything You Wanted To Know About Nuclear Codes


Ever heard terms like nuclear launch codes, nuclear buttons, nuclear briefcase, nuclear codes and nuclear football? Wondered what these terms mean? What is nuclear button and how does it work? We tell you everything.

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What Is Nuclear Button?

Actually, there is nothing like nuclear button. Instead, there is a fixed set of procedure, rules and special equipment for military to authenticate the commander in chief’s identity.

What Is Biscuit?

Biscuit is a card having nuclear codes. This remains in high security with the president. President carries Biscuits it on his person.

What Is Football?

There is no football actually. It is the name given to a black briefcase carrying war plans, nuclear launch codes and communication equipment. This black briefcase remains under highest security.

Who Carries FOOTBALL?

nuclear codes

Football – Representational Image

An aide carries nuclear football who always remains close to the President all the times. Aide remain with president at White House, Air Force One and abroad. The aide is under security by the same team which protects President.

The President of United Stated of America is completely independent to decide the use of nuclear codes. There is no way to stop the President. Yet, there is legal process to slow down his decision making. Once the President feels USA is under nuclear attack, he has a narrow time bracket to take action.

Is President Powerful Enough To Declare War?

NO, President does not have power to declare war. If a war has to be declared, it has to get approval from Congress. But the President can send troops to foreign soils without any approval by not declaring war.

Former President Clinton misplaced Biscuit many times which was found later.

When President Reagan was attacked in 1981, the aide who carried football did not accompany him to hospital. The Biscuit was found in a trash later.



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