Can I Be Friends With My Boss? 5 Things To Know

Can I Be Friends With My Boss

Friends with Boss..?

If you are looking for the answer to your question can I be friends with my boss , that indicates rapidly changing working environment and work culture. Unlike early days, when professional relationship with the boss was purely formal and “within the limits”, today professionals like informal work culture and encourage bonding with each other.

As we said, modern companies informally promote managers to keep a cordial relationship with subordinates. Having a friendship with subordinates makes it easy to connect with them. Pushing your employees to perform a certain task does not work anymore. Employees are more inclined to work for managers who they think really cares for them.

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Can I Be Friends With My Boss

Of course you can be friends with your boss dear. You can be friends with anyone you want as long as you know your limits. You can’t deal with your boss they way you deal with your childhood friends. This is special kind of friendship has certain norms.

  1. Draw The Line. You need to understand how much of a friend you can be with your boss. Every boss is a different person so you should be careful while dealing with all of them. Can I Be Friends With My Boss
  2. A Different Friendship. This is a different kind of friendship. You need to keep this in your mind forever. Your childhood friend may not mind a pat on back but your boss will surely do.
  3. Let Boss Take The Lead. When you become friends with boss, you need to observe him/ her, let him/ her decide how far he/ she wants to go with this friendship. Let him/ her decide the limits first, then you follow the rules.
  4. No Undue Advantage At Work. If you think because you are friends with your boss you can take some advantage for being late for that meeting, file you lost, not finishing the assignment on time and things like that, you are heading towards a dead end.
  5. Love Affair Is A No No. We know you can’t help it if you are falling in love with someone. But if it is your boss and the feeling is not being reciprocated from the other side you must try as hard as possible come back from that love trip. Professionally, it is not good. Even if your boss feels the same way, your super boss will not like it. But if you can’t stop loving your boss, take some time to get another job and then go public about it. After all what is life without love?

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