11 Career Destroying Habits You Don’t Want To Commit


You work dedicatedly at office every day to move ahead in race. You take care you don’t do any blunder to harm your career. And you surely double check all the facts before taking every big decision. But do you know there are many small career destroying habits which you may be doing at work for a long time and you may not even know what your career destroying habits are?

career destroying habits

Team Work Is Key To Success

If you see closely, it is not the big blunders which may ruin your reputation, get demoted or even get you fired. Most of the times your build-up of several career destroying habits get you fired. Most of us can’t even think of a reason when we get fired. Reason, you don’t know about your career destroying habits.

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Career Destroying Habits

We give you 11 career destroying habits which you should avoid at work without any fail.

  1. Not In Line With Company Culture. Company culture is something which you witness on day one in your new office. Everyone else is into company culture and if you don’t follow it, you may seem unreasonable and judgemental at work. Someone you are not. Right?
  2. Excuses. Either you get things done or you don’t. But you should not make excuses. If you can get it done, good. If you can’t, take responsibility and do not repeat it.
  3. Doing Minimum. You achieving your targets is not enough. That is the minimum you can do at work to survive. At times you must cross your targets and surprise your colleagues especially your boss. We know it is difficult, but you must try hard to do it once in a while.
  4. Your Dressing Sense. You may have a bad dressing sense, that’s OK but you can’t miss the basics of office dressing. Experts say you should dress for the position you are aspiring, but if you find it difficult, at least dress for the position you already have.
  5. You Don’t Keep Your Words. See if you can’t keep your words, your juniors will not work to keep your words. If you are at a position where your performance depends on performance of your team, you must keep your words all the times.
  6. Ignoring Co-workers. Team work is the key to professional success. It really pays to connect with co-workers. Sit with them occasionally post working hours and talk about family and friends. It is really worth it. They are good people too.
  7. You Please People. You want to please everyone. You don’t want anyone having even a tiny reason to speak against you, even if you know you are right. Instead, speak up and take a stand if you think you are right.
  8. You Are Rude & Dry. Being good at work is significant but you know what is icing on the cake? Being kind to people around you. That’s how you can win people at work.
  9. You Are Defensive. If you can’t take criticism on your face positively and turn defensive, you may seem like a person who doesn’t want to improve. So take regular feedback from your bosses.
  10. Not Being Punctual. You make people wait for you. This is not a small mistake, this is a blunder. Everyone’s time is important and no one should wait for someone else. If there is a genuine reason, call the person in advance and tell you will be late.
  11. Stealing Credit. You think you can steal the credit for something you have no role in? Answer is no. Your boss is smarter than you he/she will eventually find out. And that will be embarrassing for you. Don’t do it.

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