How To Avoid Being Dragged Into Depression And Negativity Around You


Depression and negativity are your biggest enemies. You already know how not be the victim of depression and negativity. That’s fine. But how do you react when people around you drag you in to their dim aura of depression and negativity?

For many people, it is just one positive thought which conquers build-up of depression and negativity. But negative people spreading depression and negativity is the worst thing they can do. Many times they do it unknowingly. So they don’t know they need to stop.

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depression and negativity

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How To Avoid Being Dragged Into Depression & Negativity

So we give you 8 tips you can easily avoid being dragged into depression & negativity around you.

Cut The Connection

Best solution is to just cut the connection with negative people and get away. If connection with negative person can’t be cut and you have to deal with him regularly, try to make it the least you can. Minimize the interaction with negative people.

Welcome Positivity

When people around are negative, it becomes difficult to produce positive thoughts in your mind. So if you see even a minor flash of positivity anywhere, run for it. Try not to leave any positivity around you.

No Arguments

If you get into arguments with negative people, they will drag you down at their level and beat you with experience. Say no to a detailed discussion.

Don’t React. Just Respond

You don’t need to react to their depression and negativity but it will help if you respond. This will slowly clear dark clouds of negativity in atmosphere.

Listen But Don’t Imbibe

Sometimes, people in depression just want to talk to someone. If you want to help them (which you should) then listen them patiently. This will give them lot of relief. But be careful, you don’t want to suck up their depression in to your subconscious.

Be Focussed

When you talk to such people, you need to remain focussed on positivity. Remember, negativity behaves like a magnet initially. It will suck you before you know about it.

Distract Them

This one works every time. Where ever and whenever people start cribbing with same old depression and negativity, distract them with another topic or task. This will end the negativity then and there.

Don’t Make Their Problem Yours

Like you don’t have your own problems? Yes, we know you can deal with your problems but why would you add insult to injury? First you become a part of someone else’s problem and then you make their problems yours. Hello! You are not helping anyone.

Avoid depression and negativity and don’t forget to express your views by commenting in the box below.



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