Already a Disaster – Kejriwal Govt Mohalla Clinics Failed To Deliver


Deadline for opening 1000 Mohalla Clinics by State Delhi Government is approaching, only 108 (approx) Mohalla Clinics opened so far. Now this is becoming clearer day by day, almost all the schemes of Kejriwal led Delhi Government has serious fundamental flaws. Schemes which were supposed to benefit common man, now benefiting only selected few.

Mohalla Clinics For Sure, But With Proper Planning – LG

Office of Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has said if it allowed Mohalla Clinic in government schools, private schools may follow the trend and that may give birth to dire consequences. Earlier, LG had refused to give permission to open Mohalla Clinics in government schools. Though, LG has now allowed it in 300 government schools after making proper arrangements for the safety of students.

Mohalla Clinics

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Infection Hazards to Students

Honorable Delhi High Court had made it clear in its 2002 judgement that it was not safe to open a medical dispensary in schools. It was proved in the court that medical staff did not dispose off medical waste and syringes and threw it in open. It was a clearly a health hazard to students.

Parents Association Raised Its Concerns

All India Parents Association also submitted an application in Delhi Chief Minister’s office seeking reversal of the decision of opening Mohalla Clinics in schools. So far, there has been no clarification on this. Looks like Arvind Kejriwal is all set to risk health of school going kids to save his already fading popularity in Delhi.

Encroachment Issues

Out of 108 operating Mohalla Clinics, many clinics are made on footpath leaving no space for public movement. This is encroachment. Mayer of North Delhi MCD Dr. Sanjeev Naiyar said, “Delhi government did encroachment on footpaths in the garb of Mohalla clinics. This is causing troubles to commuters. Delhi government did not do proper research for deciding place to open Mohalla Clinics. Paschim Vihar Area of North Delhi already has 3 government dispensaries one from MCD, Delhi government and central government each and now Mohalla Clinic is coming there!”

Dr Naiyar added, “MCD fully supports Mohalla Clinic schemes, but Delhi government has to follow rules and regulations. If there are some serious flaws in planning. If the construction of Mohalla Clinics is not according to building constructions rules, then who will be responsible for disaster it may result?”

AAP Government Eyeing MCD Elections

Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic scheme was announced in June, 2015. This was one of such schemes which were announced by Kerjriwal Government during “Honeymoon Period” of his newly elected Delhi government. Almost all Aam Aadmi Party government schemes were announced in the delight of its massive victory in December, 2014 Delhi state election. With other schemes like Free Wi-Fi, DTC Buses, Security Marchalls, New Schools; Mohalla Clinics scheme is a reality on paper leaving common man of Delhi feeling deceived.

BJP Accuses Kejriwal Government for Serious Corruption

Mohalla ClinicsState unit of BJP said that Mohalla Clinics scheme is just an eye wash. Actually, Aam Aadmi Party is unlawfully rewarding its supporters with Delhi tax payers’ money. They has been no clarification on the process adopted for deciding a place for Mohalla Clinic? How the rent for the place was decided? Nothing!

BJP also raised serious questions on selection process of supporting staff in Mohalla Clinics. It further added that this whole project was full of flaws, also it involved deep corruption to benefit political sympathizers of Aam Aadmi Party.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spends most of his time in other states for expanding his political party to fulfill his political ambitions. Clearly, Delhi state is not even his second priority.

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