Dream of a Modi Bhakt : 7 Things Modi Asked Me to Do


Only the people like me know what it means to be called a Modi Bhakt. It gives me a sense of pride to be a called a follower of one of the greatest leaders around the world. Yes, I think Narendra Modi is one of the greatest leaders world has ever seen. I am a modi bhakt and I have my reasons.

Being a Modi Bhakt, I am in constant contemplation about his strategy, his interviews, his public meetings, Man Ki Baat and his foreign visits. Not a single post on social media from his account goes without my support.

It was the night of 11th November when the debate on Rs 1000 & 500 Currency Note ban was from top to bottom on every news channel. Congress leaders didn’t take time to oppose Note Ban, Mamta Banergee called it draconian step. Leftists opposed it. Mulayam Singh and Mayawati who didn’t agree on anything under the sun, finally agreed to oppose Note Ban. Above all, greatest AAPARTD Arvind Kejriwal didn’t have a clue what to say. I slipped in to nap while watching news around 11PM. That night, I saw the man himself in my dream.

Dream of A Modi Bhakt : 7 Things Modi Asked Me To Do
1. Keep Faith

Modi Ji told me, “I am happy to see your faith in me hasn’t shaken. Not even a bit. In fact I feel that your faith in me is much stronger than ever before. I need you to have faith and keep moving forward with me.”

2. Nation First

“I do not promise any personal favor to you, you family, your cast or your religion. I may not even know your name. But I promise you that everything I do, I do for the whole nation. I dedicate my every breath to Bharat Mata. I want you also to put Nation First above everything else”, Modi Ji said.

3. Sabka Saath

Modi Ji added, “I am trying to make India a place where people connect with each other as Indians. This is our biggest identity. But political parties will try to divide and rule people in to religions, casts, races, colour, and gender. I want you to go out and fail their tactics. Help me connect people as Indians.”

4. Expose Leftist Liberal & Sickular

“You know that award wapsi gang is on job 24×7 to spread wrong messages. They won’t hesitate to call India the worst place to live. We know these people have been Congress and Leftists beneficiaries for decades. I need you to expose all Congress & Leftists Sickulars.”

5. Expose Presstitutes

Modi Ji said, “There are good and bad people in every profession. Media is not untouched. You need to identify the black sheep and expose it. Let the truth be there. Let the people know dark reality. And I must say you have been doing a good job here. Just keep it up.”

6. Encourage Debate

“India has come to a point where common man has developed an understanding & interest into complex government policies and its effects. But you need to present a simplified versions to common people. Tell people the importance of Swachh Bharat Mission, Skill India, Jan Dhan Yojna and other government missions.”

7. Haters Gonna Hate

And finally Modi Ji said, “Listen dear, haters gonna hate. I am demolishing their age old forts. They will hate like never before. Don’t get annoyed by their whining. I want you to remain focused. You have been doing a good job, keep it up. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”



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