What experts say about all night phone charging


Do you plug in your mobile phone and go to good night sleep to wake up in the morning with 100% charged battery? If yes, you must have that one doubt in your mind about damaging your mobile phone battery every night! We have the answer.

phone chargingSo if you are one who change your mobile phone every two years, you may not notice change in your battery’s performance. Hence in this case, you do not need to worry. Go ahead and charge your phone.

If you charge your phone many times a day for short periods of time, this may take a toll on your lithium ion battery in your phone.

Today, smartphones are really smart. Android and iPhones come with a chip that protects them from absorbing surplus electricity once they are fully charged. That’s a relief, isn’t it? But wait, there is a condition. Your mobile phone charger must a genuine charger supplied by the company with phone or a branded one which supplies correct voltage in to your mobile phone battery. If you take care of this, you can have a good night sleep and be assured to be greeted with 100% charged battery because the damage should be negligible.

phone charging“If you want to use your mobile phone’s battery for longer than their usual life, you should use a charger made for lightly less powerful devices”, experts say. Though, there is no guarantee but chances are this may work.

And there is one last thing which can be said with full confidence this would save your mobile phone’s battery life. You should always make sure that your mobile phone is never overheated. High temperature causes deterioration in the battery. Trust Apple website, it says, “Temperature above 35 degrees Celsius can permanently damage battery capacity.”

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