4 Tips How To Talk About Family Money With Your Partner


Do you think family money is important for savings? You and your partner need to sit and talk about family money management? Family money problems may arise if you and your partner do not have a plan to manage your family money. But how do you initiate talks without hurting relationship? We give you 4 tips on talking money with honey.

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Start sharing your money habits with your partner. Talk how you can’t resist to buy that expensive bag once you get salary. Or talk about how you don’t like to spend money on things which are not necessary. Be honest. This will encourage your partner to open up about his/ her money habits. This could be the first step towards discussing family money savings plan.

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Timing is important. It is definitely not the best idea to talk about money on bed in night. If things go bad during discussion, the feeling may last for days. But if you talk about money in morning, even if discussion is not pleasant, evening will be ok as lot of water would have gone under the bridge during work hours. You both may not even remember what happened in morning!


Sit with your partner, discuss money matters, make a plan and follow it. You don’t need to discuss it often. Occasional luxury should be avoided. If you talk about money every day, your relationship will take the hit. So just follow the plan and keep it cool.


If you and your partner are not working for same goal, your plan will break in to pieces within few days. So it is important for you and your partner to be on the same page. Your goals and the plan should be mutual. Don’t run in different directions otherwise your family money will shrink and your relationship will suffer.

Follow our tips and if you think you have something to add, please comment in the box below. Don’t forget to express your view.



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