Fitness Mantra – 4 Eating Blunders To Avoid


Do you know the greatest fitness mantra is to have a ratio of 20% of exercise and 80% of your intake? This ratio is the basic requirement of human body fitness. Your exercise must be followed by a great diet that suits your exercise routine. No matter how hard you work in gym, if your diet is not agreeing with your exercise, you completely of the fitness tangent.

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Talk to any fitness expert and you will get to know the same thing, “Great fitness comes with great diet plan.” What you eat is more important than what you do in the gym in those fancy gym pants. Your gym plan can’t work unless your diet works.

Fitness Mantra: 4 Eating Blunders To Avoid

We give you 4 eating blunders to avoid, remember these points by heart if you are serious about your fitness.


You think taking a protein shake after workout is the greatest diet plan and then you are free of obligations towards fitness plan? Remember, your protein shake is just a food supplement. It is not your food. You have to take a full balanced diet which your protein shake can supplement. If you skip regular diets just because you take protein shake, you are heading towards nowhere.


Body starves for rich meals after workout. This is the best time your body can absorb the nutrition in food. Body needs food after the workout. If you are working out to gain muscles, post work out meals are the best thing you can do to gain muscles. Talk to your trainer how soon you can have meals after workout and follow that religiously.


Just eating anything or everything won’t help you. In fact it may harm your fitness level. You need to understand the basic idea of fitness routine, it is never the exercise which help you. It is Routine Exercise plus Routine Diet Plan that works for you. Do not miss this fitness mantra.


Packaged food never made it to the fitness mantra list. No matter how good that food container is, it will not help your fitness. Also you cannot just cut out fat portion of your diet. Your body requires fat to absorb special kind of nutrition. You must take suitable quantity of fat.



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