Dear Men, This is How It Feels to Have Boobs


Boobs are something which men can’t get enough of. Let’s confess this, men love boobs. Men love to see boobs, men love to touch boobs, men love to hold boobs and men love to think about boobs. But men never worry how it feels to have boos!

Nothing Good Comes In Life without Pain

how it feels to have boobs

Reality is that like all other good things in life, boobs also come with lot of pain and sacrifice. Yes, women have to take the pain for carrying those lovely sets of boobs. For men, bigger the boobs bigger the pleasure and that’s the end of the story. But for women, it’s like bigger the boobs, bigger the problems.

Boobs Cause Shoulder & Neck Pain

Women have to tolerate pain in shoulder and neck muscles due to pressure of bra straps. Constant pressure of bra strap whole day never lets a woman relax. When pain reaches up to a point when they can’t take it more, they have to look for a rest room to unstrap their bra to have few moments for relief.

This Is How It Feels To Have Boobs

how it feels to have boobsPrima Donna, company which makes lingerie, did an experiment with its male employees. CEO of this company one day called all male employees and gave them weights equal to the size of E cup boobs to wear all day. He said, “We all will carry boobs to check how it feels to have boobs.”

After some time, men started complaining about shoulder pain and neck pain. Few gave up and remaining of them realised the pain of having boobs hanging on their chests all day. They said, “Who thought having boobs come with so much pain, we never thought about it before.”

Watch this video above, it will give you entire new side of having boobs.



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