How To Be A Good Listener


Being a good listener was never undervalued. Your personality is the reflection of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the reflection of information you receive from everywhere. In order develop a sensible thinking pattern, it is important to process and manage incoming information effectively.

A lot of incoming information come through ears, i.e. listening. It is an advantage to be a good listener. We all are guilty of being physically present at most of the places. Remember during the lectures how you used to pretend in front of professor and not giving him a penny of your thoughts. And last time when your boss was briefing you on new project but you missed important details, didn’t you?

So what does it mean to be a good listener?

Answer is simple, “When you are able to receive, attend and understand the message through the medium of sound, you can call yourself a good listener.”

Follow this infographic to check your listening skills and ways to improve them. Believe me, it is a great advantage to be a good and attentive listener.
Are You A Good Listener?


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