7 Tips How To Beat Stress Like Navy SEALs


How To Beat Stress is that one question which every professional comes across due to heavy work load and stress at work. Eric Potterat, former head psychologist of US Navy SEALs who is now a scientific adviser at Thync, suggested 7 point technique to beat stress in everyday day work life.

how to beat stress

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How to Beat Stress
  1. Relax. This may sound unusual but yes, you need to relax before you jump in to high performance routine. Talk to family, spend time with kids, go for a movie, meet friends, listen songs or do whatever who find relaxing. This will give you “Ready to Launch” mind set.
  2. Break One Big Goal into Smaller Goals. A gigantic task looks daunting. That’s normal. But if you break a big goal into smaller goals and achieve them in time bound manner, believe, you can achieve anything in this world.
  3. Visualize Success. There are high and low moments at work every day. Whenever you feel disappointed and think your work is not being appreciated at work, you should visualize success. This mental picture will give you enough reasons to keep moving forward. READ: 4 Tips To Get Your Work Noticed In Office
  4. Control Your Body. At times, you will be dragged into bitter arguments at work. Your body may not cooperate with you in such situations. Your blood pressure shoots up, nerves become tighter and hands shake. You need to remind yourself to stay calm inside while keeping your point strongly. Take deep breaths and talk slow.
  5. Positive Self Talk. Positive self-talk is minimizing negative thoughts and promoting positive thoughts. Remember people saying, “I can do this, I can do this,” or President Obama saying, “Yes, we can.” That’s positive self-talk.
  6. Have a Plan B, C and D. we are not here to tell you to have a plan. We suppose you already have, if not, stop reading it here because you are planning to fail. What we are telling you is to have as many contingency plans as you can. When stakes are high, you can’t afford to lose.
  7. Absorb Setbacks. Even if you blow a task and held responsible for the fiasco, you need to get control of the situation then and there and stop things becoming worse. Hold negative sentiments for a while and finish the task. Analyse what went wrong later once whole thing finishes. READ: Learn From Others’ Mistakes

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