5 Tips How To Look Sharp At Work Every Day


Looking sharp at work was never out of trend. Thanks to increasing informal work culture at offices these days. Due to rapid start up culture, employees like to wear smart casuals at work. Yet it is important to look professional. So we give you 5 tips how to look sharp at work without being too casual.

How to Look Sharp at Work how to look sharp at work
  1. Wear Your Confidence. Nothing beats a confident personality. You give a positive impact on everything you say if you look confident. Your attire will automatically support your charisma. In order to make others feel good about you, first you need to feel good about yourself. Spend some time every morning looking into mirror to feel confident and then move your first step towards work
  1. Sombre Colours. Note the thumb rule, always wear dark colours at work. It gives a sense of authority. Avoid wearing bright colours or poppy colours at work. If you want to look serious about your job, you need to wear dark colours for sure. Neon colours are completely nonsense at work. Avoid being a walking painting at work.
    how to look sharp at work

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  1. Casuals. If you look at today’s work environment, it is completely OK to wear casuals at work in modern companies. Unlike earlier, casuals are now accepted at work. But there are certain rules about this too. Please do not make your office a beach restaurant. Do not wear shorts, flip-flops, neon printed t shirts and stuff like that. A casual shirt / t shirt with denim jeans will always look good.
  1. Have A Good Fit. Fitting is important not only to look sharp at work, also for your own comfort. No matter how handsome you look in that business suit but if you are not comfortable, you will soon lose your confidence and discomfort on your face will take the charm away from you. READ: 4 Tips To Get Your Work Noticed In Office
  1. About Meetings. Whatever you wear every day, do not take serious meetings lightly. You need to bring your A game into important meetings. Dress well for significant discussions and negotiations. Completely avoid hoodies, t shirts, flip flops, shorts and jewellery. READ: Learn From Others’ Mistake




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