Hydra: A Tourist Island In Greece Where Vehicles Are Not Allowed


If you are planning to visit Greece, take a free advice which you can thank us later for, do visit Hydra, one of the sardonic island in Greece. Hydra is just 90 minutes ferry ride away from Piraeus, Athens. The only island in Greece where vehicles are not allowed. Cool right!

 Hydra is not a big island. Surrounded by Blue Ocean, Hydra is a wonderful place to visit on feet. As vehicles are not allowed, you have to get out and feel the essence of this tourist place on your own feet. Take a good walk on beach, streets and local markets. Get to know the local Greek culture.

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Give Hydra more than a day. Sit in cafes and capture city life as sun goes down. You don’t have much to do in Hydra so it’s best to surrender to the island and go with the flow. July is the best time to visit Hydra. If you do not wish to walk on feet you can take a ride on mule, donkey or a horse but vehicles are strictly not allowed here.

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You can do hiking, wake long walks, swimming, observe great Greek Architecture, visit churches and monasteries, and get to know local culture and people.



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