Why Your Mom Was Right About Your Friends


Motivational expert Jim Rohn spoke of how you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with, and I couldn’t agree more. Your company shapes your thoughts and in turn your thoughts shapes your personality. So if your Mom says that you need to choose your friends carefully, she has a point. You should be able to identify difference between “just a friend” and a “true friend”. Your facebook friendship may be reaching 1000 friends but how many of those are your true friends! Tell us or not, you must know the answer.

A Friend Lets You Be the True You

The most important quality of a friend is that s/he allows you to be your normal self. You do not need to pretend anything or give a second thought before expressing yourself. You can be true self. You can talk about embarrassing situations you faced, or how you feel about a third person. A great degree of trust and faith between friends assures you that s/he will not share your secret and not let you down when you turn your back.

Friends Are Not Judgemental

A true friend will never judge you. You can talk how bad your mood was when you badly behaved with your family, or how you don’t like your boss. You are likely to share far more confidences if you can be sure that your friend will never judge you.

Friends Grow Together

Level of understafriends buzzfrynding and flexibility between friends matters a lot. Understanding between friends grows every day in true friendship. Friends grow together in age, experience and maturity. Friends accept each other with changing times. Friends understand that time is changing and so is my friend.

Friends Console Each Other

Moments of angst make us impatient and vulnerable. Nothings works and nothing seems interesting during difficult times. A good friend should be able to pull you out of the situation and give you back your sanity. Sometimes, by using words of wisdom, and sometimes, by just being a silent dependable presence by your side. A friend will go up to the extent of fighting it out too, with someone else or with you to pull you out of the situation.

A true friend is always present when you need her/him. If you have a friend who has been around for a long time, feel lucky to have her/him. Cherish your friendship and grow with your friend as friendship plays itself out.

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