Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal Could Be World’s 3rd Largest: American Report


Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal is 130 to 140 and it is developing its F16 and other fighter jets to carry nuclear warheads. Pakistan will become 3rd largest stock owner of nuclear warheads. Two American scientists revealed this in their report.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

Report Reveals
  • Two American scientists Hens Christensen and Robert Norris prepared this report.
  • Report says that Garrison Army & Air force satellite images tell a lot about mobile launcher and underground facilities
  • It was also mentioned in report that Pakistan is increasingly developing its nuclear stock, delivery system and nuclear production system,
  • Scientists said, “According to our calculations, Pakistan have 130 to 140 nuclear weapons. This is more than what we thought in 1999 that Pakistan might have 60 to 80 nuclear weapons till 2020.”
  • Pakistan could become 3rd largest nuclear weapons state in near future.
  • According to scientists, Pakistan is making 4 Plutonium Reactors. Also, it is expanding its Uranium Enrichment facility.
  • Within next 10 years, Pakistan will have considerable stock of nuclear ordnances. It could become 3rd largest nuclear weapons stock owner. It could have 350 nuclear weaponries in a decade’s time.
  • Report also says Pakistan may select F16 and Mirage III/IV to equip warheads.
Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

F16 Fighter Jets : A Threat To India?

Pakistan got F16 fighter jets from America. After giving 40 fighter jets to Pakistan, American Congress said from now onward it would be necessary to get approval before supplying more F16 to Pakistan.

Threat to India
Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

Manohar Parikar

Pakistan’s nuclear program has been a problem to India. Pakistani leaders have openly threatened India and advocated use of nuclear weapons against India if tension between two countries raises. India is also a powerful nuclear weapons stock owner. But there has been no substantial reports on India’s nuclear weapons quantity.

Indian Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar has recently said, “There is no change in India’s policy of no first use, but I think India should keep this option open.”



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