How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Winter: 5 Parenting Tips


Winter has arrived and if you wondering how to protect your baby’s skin in winter then you have reached right place. Some of us are so lucky that we don’t need to bother about dryness in any season. But not many are that blessed. Winter is a lovely season and we like to roam all day outside and have fun with babies. Cold wind and direct sun light give a dry and itchy skin especially to babies and kids.

So don’t let your baby outside and if you think you are done with your answers to how to protect your baby in winter, unfortunately, you are wrong. Just not going outside and not playing in sun won’t protect your baby’s skin in winter. Also, this is not right to stop kids and babies to go out.

So what should you do?

You will be shocked to know that major cause of dry skin is found inside home and not outside. As soon as winter season starts, the air in most home becomes hot and dry. This hot and dry air cause more dryness and itchiness to baby’s skin than anything outside. We give 5 ways to address your apprehension to how to protect your baby’s skin in winter.

Use A Humidifier

Humidifiers are great way to keep home humidified and say bye bye to dryness. If you can not install humidifier everywhere in your home then keep at least one in your baby’s room for sure.

How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Change Your Baby Food

You must adjust your baby’s diet according to winters. We all take moisture from our food also which goes up to our skin. You should include enough of fluids in your baby’s food to keep our baby’s skin moisturized. Consult your dietician or paediatrician. If your baby is picky eater, “4 Tips If Your Child Is A Picky Eater” will help you a lot.

How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Winter


Moisturizer are everyone’s love in winters. Your baby needs it too. Apply a good moisturising baby lotion to your baby skin all over to keep your baby moisturized all day. Check baby section of supermarket and you will find lot of them.

How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Change Baby Soap

No matter what, most of the soaps give drying effect to your skin. Your baby’s feels that too. We are sure that you already use a soothing baby soap for your baby’s bath but there is variety of winter baby soaps available in market. Avoid bubble bath in soapy water during winter.

How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Turn Down Heater

Last but not the least, turn down the heater in your home. Because hot air results in dry skin. For baby of few week to be comfortable, temperature of 20 degree centigrade is not requires. Add layers of clothing of baby still not comfortable.

How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin in Winter



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