Things Your Boss Wants You To Know About Perfumes


Not sure about wearing your new perfumes at work? Do you know that wearing perfume is one of the most problematic office habit around the world! In fact, in United States in the city of Detroit it is not allowed to wear  perfumes at work.perfumes at work

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to fragrance. Also, there are number of people who dislike strong smells. It can cause dizziness, sniffing, nausea and breathing problems. Many corporates around the world have started having a Fragrance Policy. These policies serve as guidelines to use perfumes at work. It is an attempt to address issues like what kind of fragrance, how much and when to use perfume.

On the other hand, there are people who advocate wearing perfume at work. “The idea is, what to wear and how much to wear”, they say. However if you are one of those who like to impress your colleagues by leaving that refreshing trail of fragrance, you must follow certain norms. perfumes at work

Less is more. Remember this by your heart. Too much use of perfume can be a disaster no matter how good your perfume may be.

Know the places. Use perfumes on your wrists and on both side of neck. This is way your perfume will last long.

Mild perfumes are always preferred. Most people dislike strong fragrances. Be careful if you use a strong perfume. Better if you choose a mild perfume according to your gender. There is a variety of gender specific perfumes available in market.

Distance does matter. Your perfume should not be detectable beyond an arm’s length in any direction.

Deodorant is not perfume. Your deodorant is definitely not a perfume. Has it been a perfume, it must have been branded as perfume. Got it? Deodorants are for your personal hygiene. Deodorant is to be used before you get dressed. And perfume is to be used after you get dressed. Never mix the tow.

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