Wedding Trend: Newlyweds Blending Surnames


Till now, marriages used to be simple. Once a couples got married, wife changed her surname to fall in line with new family traditions and they lived happily ever after. But there is a new wedding trend becoming popular these days. This is called Blending Surnames.

Wedding Trends So Far

As per current tradition, women see changing their surname as a gesture of love and dedication towards new family. Nobody knows how old this tradition is but this could be as old as the institution of marriage. Nobody had any problem with this tradition so far.

Wedding Trend Newly Wed Couples Blending Surnames

New Wedding Trend: Blending Surnames. Image Credit: Pixabay

Women who don’t like changing surname after marriage, keep their old surname in between of their name and husband’s surname. Few feminist women don’t even change their surname after marriage. But in this case kids’ surname becomes problem. Which surname should go with kids?

Many women advocate why should only the women change her surname? Why can’t men take women’s surname? There are couples who tried this also. But this trend didn’t take up much.

Blending Surnames

Creative couples have come up with a new idea and this is sort of win-win situation both men and women both. Couples these days are now blending their surname to have a new one for both of them. This is called Blending Surnames or Meshing.

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Blending Surname is literally blending both the surnames to make a new one uniquely for those newlyweds. For example, Peter Warner-Allen & Christine Chapman will blend surnames for a new surname Challens. Another example would be Suzy Porter marrying Harry O’Dowd and have a new surname called O’Porter. So this is how Blending Surnames work.

This new wedding trend has its popularity in the fact that men and women both are making sacrifice for each other. This encourages love and affection between newlyweds and lays a strong foundation for a happy married life. If you like this, do not shy away to blend your surname with your spouse. After all what life without love.



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