The 2019 ‘Osmosis’ series created by Audrey Fouché is set in a futuristic Paris where two siblings, Paul and Esther create a dating app, Osmosis which matches singles with their soulmates using brain wave signals and data. With just an implant, they are able to find their true loves within 24 hours. In a utopian or rather dystopian atmosphere where technology is prevalent and accessible to all, will love come at cost?

OSMOSIS NETFLIX- Review on BuzzFry

For this sci-fi series, I give a rating of 6.3/10 for the following reasons:

Being a huge fan of sci-fi and of love stories, I expected this series to provide me with the best of both, however, it just didn’t deliver. There is an evident imbalance or struggle in the storyline when it comes to love. It possibly may be intentional, but there is a dubious misconception of what true love is. As a viewer I couldn’t connect with the characters nor their relationships because the characters are just presented with a true love/ soulmate without prior introduction. It’s like they are just assigned to the other.This takes away the idea “falling in love” which we as the viewer relate to. 

Another reason why this series didn’t work for me is the pace. As slow as the pace was, there was a lot of the background plot, crammed into dialogues. Honestly some of the dialogues just felt a bit forced and lackluster. 

The concept was good, but at times it was just frustrating that a potentially good plot is executed in an uncoordinated manner. There were also a lot of subplots that could’ve been tied better to the storyline or were just extremely far-fetched.

OSMOSIS NETFLIX- Review on BuzzFry

The series did deserve points for its amazing imagery, cinematography and concept. The ‘truest form of love making’ scenes where perfect couples go into osmosis by touching their tattoo/implants together no matter the distance, floating in emptiness just the two of them expressing and feeling their purest form of their love was beautifully accomplished. 

No matter the execution, the concept was exceptional. There is an ongoing conflict of finding love and happiness through technology and how as much as it does provide a perfect match,  technology does have its drawbacks and errors which is depicted in the series. Later on through the series, there is a rising plot of the main computer that falls in love with its creator, Esther. Interestingly enough, it explores this aspect of love, but is very brief and abrupt.


The Verdict

Overall, this series did have potential but could’ve been a lot better. It did feel like a combination of Her and an episode of Black mirror at certain points but it did have its uniqueness.
But still I’d say pass.

  • My Rating 63% 63%