The short video sharing app TikTok has been a hit ever since its launch in respective regions but what makes it more unique and popular is its songs library.
Now, these songs were worth listening even before TikTok but there’s no denying that they became more popular after people starting creating- Challenges, Videos and Tutorials on their beats.

I’ve compiled the songs that caught the most attention over last couple of years all across internet, not only on TikTok but on Insta Reels as well.
I’m sue you have heard these songs but you might not know their names – well, they’re all worth a place in your playlist.
So here’s a list of all the songs that you might have heard somewhere but you don’t know their names or maybe you don’t know how to even find them.

#1. Serhat Durmus – La Câlin

Released in 2017 by Sehat Durmus – The song La Calin went viral on TikTok and was reproduced multiple times. Serhar Durmus is a 22 year old trap music producer and DJ from Turkey and for the people wondering about the lyrics- yes they are in Turkish.
The song lyrics are misheard as “Gobhi Lele” which in hindi translates to “buy cauliflowers”- Youtubers created multiple parodies around these.

#2. Buttercup – Jack Stauber

With some really hard to understand lyrics – Buttercup made its way into tiktok videos and Reels because of its prelude and beat drop.
If you couldn’t still identify the words here’s the theme line
“Fine, electrify mine, oh
Electrify my golden tooth
Can’t look at your eyes
Without sparking some”

#3. Tones And I – Dance Monkey

The most streamed song on Apple Music for Singapore- Dance monkey took the internet and the entire pop music industry by storm ever since its launch on May 19th 2019. Song belongs to the Australian pop sensation Tones and I and is their second single after the debut “The Kids Are Coming”.
Tons of dance singles that TikTok influencers created post its mass popularity.

#4. Jawsh 685 – Laxed (Siren Beat)

Everyone who’s on TikTok at least once swayed to the Laxed Siren Beat in 2020. The song was a record hit with about 750,000 TikToks created on its beats every day and more than 43 million total views.
Laxed Siren Beat – Originally known as “Savage Love” is a song by New Zealand Music Producer Jawsh 685 and American Singer Jason Derulo.
The song officially hit the records on June 11 2020.
Notably, Jason Derulo was in the news for being accused of sampling this piece of music by rising New Zealand musician Joshua Stylah.

#5. Roddy Rich – The Box

The box, released as the fourth single by American Rapper Roddy Rich on Jan 10th 2020, became his highest charting song worldwide and was No. 1 on US Hot 100 for 11 weeks.
The song was used on TikTok by all the riders, providers and everyone who needed an upbeat music to their video.

#6. Friendships (Original Mix)

When you listen to these beats you’re sure to be reminded of dance tutorials created by millions of TikTok Influencers.
The chartbuster dance hit belongs to Artist Pascal Letoublon from the Album Friendships released in 2017. Driving its popularity amongst the hip hop dancers, it became one of the most memorable instrumentals of 2020 because of TikTok.

#7. Blinding Lights

Blinding lights is a song by Canadian artist “The Weeknd” that soared to Number One in thirty-four countries post release on Nov 29, 2019.
Because of its melodic appeal the song resonated even among the aged audiences.
We saw lot of dads trying to learn and then finally cracking the trending steps on its beats.

#8. Kulikitaka

Kulikitaka is a song by Dominican singer Máximo Antonio del Rosario, because of its funky beats and a fun tune – the song was used by thousands of video creators across TikTok for their funny videos.
For the ones curious, correctly spelled word Culiquitaca is a combination of of the words “Culo”   Spanish for “bum”. “Liquido”, as in flowing like liquid. And “Taca” which means “female taco”.
Now though you didn’t really get what it practically means its just fun to say and more to listen to the song.

#9. Oh no oh no- Remember the Hahangilas

The Shangri-Las’ recreated an old song “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” originally written by George “Shadow” Morton and everyone went like “ Oh No, Oh No”.
After release the song hit number five on BillBoard Hot 100.
Oh No became the internet meme, and the signature song of tragedy – used in bloopers, accidents and fails in TikTok Videos.

#10. Melanie Martinez – Play Date

By American singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez, Play Date is a song from the debut album Cry Baby. The song received 1.9 billions views for the month due to its widespread popularity on TikTok. Currently accounts its 121 M views on YouTube.
The punchy pop anthem is still being used by travelers for their videos on visit to paradise(s) on earth.

#11. ily (i love you baby)- Surf Mesa

I Love You Baby stylized as ILY is a song by producer Surf Mesa and singer Emilee Flood, first released on Nov 26, 2019. It was then re-released by Astralwerks and Universal in February 2020 and started gaining huge liking through user generated clips on TikTok App.
The song is running in top 10 across multiple countries including Australia, Germany and France.
It’s all about the melody of the song that drives the listener away because the lyrics is just a repetition of a 1967 song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

#12. death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu

The lyrics don’t stay awake for too long, don’t go to bed in a cute repressed voice are just hard to take off your head.
The song received huge popularity over the last year and was almost always used for – kitty, dog or baby videos adding a tinge more of cuteness to them.

#13. Falling- Trevor Daniel 

Released in Oct 2018 from album ‘Homesick’, Tevor Deniel’s song ‘Falling’ hit the charts in more than 20 contries and went viral on TikTok in 2019.
Lot of love, hate, revenge and breakups took place over this song on the platform.

#14. Make You Mine – Public

All the teens, creating wonderful love stories in 15 seconds over TikTok app, made the most of this song. The song appeals to all the true lovers – sometimes one-sided as well, but creates a deep sense of emotion and stubbornness in love.

#15. Colors (Audien Remix) – Halsey

Take to your mom a closed fist, ask her to flip, then tap and open and it says “I’m pregnant” – That’s the gist of video streak that went viral in early 2020 and used Halsey’s Remix of Colors as its background score.
There were more than 400,000 videos uploaded around the soundtrack marking its popularity.
The song was originally released in 2015 but became vastly popular post its Audien Remix.

#16. Can We Kiss Forever – Kina

Take to your mom a closed fist, ask her to flip, then tap and open and it says “I’m pregnant” – That’s the gist of video streak that went viral in early 2020 and used Halsey’s Remix of Colors as its background score.
There were more than 400,000 videos uploaded around the soundtrack marking its popularity.
The song was originally released in 2015 but became vastly popular post its Audien Remix.

#17. Run Free – Deep Chills

If you remember all the beautiful ladies – who (intentionally) didn’t look so beautiful in the first part of a TikTok but then the beat drops- Shoe flips and bamm you got all the “pretty you wanted”.
So yes this is the song that was used in the shoe flip challenge.
To this I didn’t get the story or point of the challenge as such but it’s fun when you put aside your logic for a while.

#18. Patlamaya Devam – Isyan Tetick

Harmanım, baba nerde carsafim- reportedly in Turkish is a song by Isyan Tetick from the album Patlamaya Devum.
The song though difficult to mouth or sing by anyone – received great popularity for its raw beats and catchy lyrical tone.

#19. Oh Nanana – Bonde R300

A song by Artist going by name Bonde R300 was released in 2017.
Tap the inside of your right feet together.
Tap the inside of your left feet together
Do the same with right feet three times then left – and right – and outide of right and you got the step.
Now you’re ready to take the Oh Nanana challenge.

#20. Roses Imanhek Remix- Saint Jhn

From the artist SAINt JHN the song was released in 2018 for album “Collection One”.
Hundreds of TIkTok videos were created on the popular track along with similar TikTok Challenges.

#21. Dikaya Ivica – ALEX & RUS

The famous song brought to the world of TikTok by Russian artist Alex & RUS- released on July 4 2019.
The song by adapted in multiple versions and was re-created in thousand of TIkToks over the last couple of years.

#22. Mask Off – Future

Mask Off is a song by American Rapper Future for his fifth album Future that hit charts in 2017.
The song is misheard and was solid meme content on TikTok by Indians and Americans alike.

#23. Please don’t go – Joel Adams

This classic by Joel Adams was rereleased in Nov 2015 and charted in top 100 across 15 countries.
The song was also branded as the theme song of 2019 Brat series Zoe Valentine.

#24. Lai Lai (Nippandab Remix) – ORHEYN

The electronic dance number released in 2019 by artist Nippandab was used in TokTok Videos featuring users dressed as The Joker – Which became a trend and we’ve seen so many of those over last year around the release of the movie.

#25. Lalala – Y2K, bbno$

“When I popped off then your girl gave me just a little bit of lockjaw”
Who doesn’t remember the TikTok challenge for this video –
The song came out in June, 2019 by American producer Y2K and Canadian rapper bbno$
The song went viral on video sharing apps and had the memorable catchline- Did I really just forget that melody?